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VTOL's AIR TAXI - 'ABHIYAAN' is a fixed-wing aircraft that can carry variable payload as per its usage in a specific sector and can operate like an air taxi. It will have a VTOL UAS that has long endurance, high speed, and operational ceiling, with various capabilities of carrying out surveillance, strike, and supply emergency cargoes and medical-aid and at the same time being easily maintainable and mass producible. Primarily run with electric propulsion, it will also have hybrid power options as well. VTOL's AIR TAXI - 'ABHIYAAN' has the main feature of Vertical Take-Off & Landing Capabilities. The Variable landing capabilities are such as (Ground Surface, Water, Snow or Ice, Helipad or Runway). It’s an Autonomous Aircraft with RPAS Options as well. It has both Electrical & Hybrid Power options. It will have Live Video streaming with the ground control station as per the aircraft chosen for respective service sector. The Abhiyaan Aircrafts have options of Weapon Release System as well. The Maximum Cruise speed would be around 450 – 500 Kms/Hr. It has Advanced Aerodynamics & Long Endurance.

Like any popular technology that is first championed by military and later adapted by civilian world, the VTOL aircraft systems, both manned and unmanned, offers many potential benefits. First advantage offered is the limited need of operational infrastructure. Second advantage is the much higher ground speed/airspeed (about three times) offered by such systems when compared with rotary wing aircrafts (helicopters and quad-copters). Third advantage is the higher energy efficiency (translated to increased range) offered by such aircrafts when compared with rotary wing systems. A fourth advantage is the comfort (smoothness) offered by such systems to passengers while in flight, in comparison to rotary wing, especially during adverse weather conditions.

This aircraft would have numerous genre's to explore, it's not only designed to cater to commercial transport usage, Paramedic usage, for civil defence, but also it has great utility to be used otherwise as yacht or sea plane as well, as the design is so unique. This aircraft can also be used for promoting tourism, surveillance, adventure sports and lots more

VTOL UAVs have the added benefit of offering high, durable and flexible performance. Our aircrafts can be applied in both military and civil spheres, such systems are primarily slated for Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Reconnaissance (ISTAR), and possibly extended to Suppression of Enemy Defence (SED).

VTOL Aviation India Pvt. Ltd. VTOL Aviation India Pvt. Ltd.