Web Based Applications
Web Based Applications
In this digital age, every business seeks to automate processes and implement systems for every aspect of their business. At Senseware, we specialise in developing customised digital applications that will respond to the exact needs of your business and will enhance productivity and improve profitability.

CMS (Content Management System)
A Content Management System provides you with an intuitive user interface, which allows you to create/update content.... Know More
CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
A Customer relationship management (CRM) involves the use of technology to organize, automate, and synchronize .... Know More
Spa Management System
Spa management systems are automated systems designed with focus on the needs of spa management. .... Know More
PMS (Project Management System)
This is Senseware’s web based project management software tool ideally suited to the needs of managing & tracking projects & tasks online. .... Know More
IMS (Inventory Management System)
Inventory management systems automate the processes involved in organizing, storing and replacing inventory. .... Know More