• We had successfully acquired approx 200 acres of land in SUPA in Ahmednagar district where the Industrial Zone for Japanese Companies in proposed.
  • The whole painstaking process of buying was diligently followed viz Title search, Legal clearance, Loan Clearance, other Government clearances, Land acquisition documentation with proper identification, Past registration services.
  • We employ local staff support to complete the whole process which is overlooked by a project in charge from our office.
  • All the investors have received compensation in a year with excellent returns.


  • We have successfully acquired approx 350 acre of land in Sinnar Taluka, District Nashik. This is part of the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) where in IIA (Integrated Industrial Area) is proposed in Sinnar.
  • Whole process of Buying Land was followed meticulously in detail viz .
    • 30/50 years of Title search done of Sub Registrar Office / Record Room.
    • Legal clearance by Advocate.
    • Land valuation & Adjudication.
    • Title Scrutiny done – verify family tree of seller, legal heir rights, any POA or any other document in respect of the property.
    • Post registration services.
    • English & local language documentation.
    • Networking & relationship management.
  • Realisation from this project is expected in 6 months time.