About Saicon

Saicon builds vibrant and holistic Industrial Infrastructure in Maharashtra. Here, we cater to cities like Pune , Nashik, Nagpur etc., in sectors such as :

  • IT
  • Logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Industrial sheds
  • Automobiles
  • Electronics and Telecom
  • Agro industries etc.

A town planner who cares for the inhabitants, acquires land parcels to provide infrastructure for enterprises to flourish. Saicon currently has created its presence in Maharashtra, Goa and aspires to expand more. With the prowess and 25 years experience of our team (partners), we facilitate all the necessary govt formalities for creating a sustainable model. We offer a wide range of land and consultancy services ensuring quality to our valued customers. Saicon Infraventures LLP is basically into sale, rent and lease of (MIDC) plots and Industrial sheds. The company has 5 years of experience in providing professional advice in a niche area and expertise of knowledge, planning and executing the purchase of land. We have not constrained ourselves to MIDC but have expanded to DMIC, NIMZ.

Research and Development is a vital part of any business thus inspiring us to concentrate and execute the proposed plan diligently. Hence inspecting the area concerned, surroundings, state policies, geography, the future of the property from the concerned govt dept MIDC, DMIC etc becomes an inevitable part of our strategy.

We choose the location depending on various factors such as metropolitan and nonmetropolitan regions, contiguity, land availability, rail, road, air and sea connectivity. Setting up a dependable infrastructure to conduct the Industrial and agro activities is what we are known for. Saicon team ardently makes use of new technology and hence our (efficiency)output to input ratio is always high. Having a team who works with so much ardor is a boon, which makes us a reliable source and helps achieve various organisational goals. Saicon feels proud for being India's first Industrial Consultant who provides one stop solution to set up an Industry and offers all Industrial, Factory & Warehousing needs - right from property acquisition to set up. We at saicon, respect and value the trust that our customers invest in us which ultimately helps us to stay economical and meet all the contractual obligations in time.

Saicon has a promising future as it has in-store projects like
  • Redevelopment project in Mumbai
  • Industrial Project for SSI unit in Mumbai

All thanks to our transparent and robust business deals that assist our investors to comprehend all the nitty - gritties of a proposal thus we have rightly won a notable position in the competitive industrial market.


To be the trusted real estate company turning people’s dream into a reality by outperforming the expectations of Individual and Institution. We believe in demonstrating precisely, researching reliably and responding decisively to opportunities for creating world class infrastructure.


To motivate companies to invest in Maharashtra and carry forward the Make in India and Make in Maharashtra initiative thereby becoming the most preferred partners to set up Industries in Maharashtra. We also aim to industrialise India by building International infrastructure for boosting up the employment and revenue scenario of India.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Continuous focus on community welfare is devoted by Saicon to alleviate the struggles as far as possible. We have formed a ‘Manuski Foundation’ with the sole motto of serving old aged people, protecting the Environment, providing Medical aid and catering to the vulnerable areas in the society by eradicating the prevailing social evils.