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Apex Appiaries and Bee Farm was set up in 2010 with a vision to be an innovative company to provide the finest and the best RARE MONOFLORAL HONEY to consumers worldwide. Owing to the high altitudes and serene surroundings in the Himalayas, Madhu Krt is as natural and pure as it is in the fully matured honey comb.
Through our standard operation processes we guarantee the best mix of conventional methods and modern technology to extract and filter our honey. We ensure continuous supervision for the upkeep & maintainance of the general health of the queen bee and the hive. Utmost attention is provided towards the placement of our bee colonies. We do not compromise on our efforts to present Madhu-Krt as a rare, unique & pure monofloral honey..

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Here is the sacred verse for which we strive hard and with utmost devotion to get you the worlds finest honey from the worlds highest peaks – The Himalayas.
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Apex Appiaries & Bee Farms takes delight in presenting Madhu - Krt, the world's finest honey from a single source of flowers from the nascent Himalayan range.

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