Few 'Myths' About Will

Myth – WILL should be made at old age

Fact - Every Individual is aware about Date of Birth, but no one knows their ‘Date of Expiry’. We all buy life insurance keeping in mind for ‘Life Uncertainty’, the same concept need to apply for a WILL, isn’t it ?

Myth – WILL is not require when Nominations / Joint Holding arrangement made

Fact - A Nominee or a Joint Owner can only act as a Trustee and can NOT claim Ownership of the properties as legal heir. So if you think nomination / joint ownership is a solution, think again!

Myth-If a Will is not made, all the properties will go the spouse automatically.

Fact - If a Will is not made, then after demise, all the properties will be distributed equally amongst the mother, spouse, sons and daughters as per Succession Laws of your religion

Myth - Writing a Will is a tedious process. It requires several visits to lawyers, and also hassles of Stamp paper, Registrations

Fact - A Will can be written on plain paper and registration is not Mandatory. An unregistered Will is also 100% Legal. Now, Will writing is simple, hassle-free process with online facility make a Will at your own time and place.


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