About Gnosiz

The attitude towards data management has shifted for organizations of all sizes. What used to be an important part of an organization’s growth and success has become a key differentiator that identifies industry leaders from all others. New initiatives and evaluations are leading organizations to discover that using Big Data Analytics to their full potential can transform their business.

Big Data encompasses technologies and initiatives that involve data which cannot be properly supported by conventional technologies and infrastructures due to the data’s size, frequent changes, or regular entries. Simply put, Big Data is too large and complex for traditional software. That’s where Gnosiz® comes in.

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Security is undoubtedly the single most important feature in any system. Gnosiz® is built with the concept of ‘Trust-No-One’, meaning your raw data is locked with a set of keys that only you have access to.

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Gnosiz® takes a clean and refreshing approach to data analytics. Simplify Business Intelligence. (BI) using the Gnosiz® Filter, Aggregation, Pre and Post Processing Logic.

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Gnosiz® allows users to securely refine and share data with other Gnosiz® users or external colleagues. Users who own the data can determine what information to share with others, specify how long they will have access to the information, and how they can interact with it.

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