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Come for 'Prosperous Entrepreneur' program if you wish to live in peace and harmony, which most people loose, while taking a quantum jump.

Overview: The InnerMost Shift Coaching® for ‘Prosperous Entrepreneurship’

This program is designed to put the entrepreneurs back on high growth track, recreate vision and move forward into future, without loosing balance and wellbeing-ness, in this VUCA-Volatile Uncertain Complex and Ambiguous world.

Program is targeted to make the InnerMost Shit to formulate a magnificent vision, turn it into a clear action plan and continue to work on it.

This profoundly helps them to strategically accomplish bigger and bigger aligned to their higher purpose.

Coaching Program helps them live the best life possible both personally and professionally. And while doing so they experience greater sense of wellbeing, positive energy enjoying and higher level of satisfaction in every context.

If this putting you in doubts or you are curious…

How would this work? What ways you can take make it happen for you? How would you emerge as an outstanding entrepreneur?

Then take it for sure, this coaching program is meant for you!!!

What will it help you get is:

Peace of Mind, People, Processes, Productivity, Positive Energy and Prosperity.

Three Foundation Builders

  • Get Unstuck- Feel Good – Moving into a state of generating ‘possibly’ amounts to hopefulness and optimism. Something any entrepreneur needs to respond to VUCA world.
  • Do things that maIer– Released and relieved, With extra time in hand, being Strategically Productive and focused on profitable activities, generates positive energy to do more good and feels ‘even more good’
  • Enthuse Positive Energy - into formulating a Purposeful future Vision the Best you can be. See the future folding and Physically, Mentally, Emotionally. Financially, Relationship and living purposeful lifestyle.

Seven Strategies & Tools

  • 1. PEACE - Shoot up Personal Productivity & Work for Peace.
  • 2. PURPOSE – Formulate a Vision driven by Purpose, map Strategies & pathway to Goals
  • 3. PRODUCTIVITY - Boost Productivity Use Time as Resource - Freedom
  • 4. PEOPLE - Hire People, Empower People Enjoy Higher Power
  • 5. PROCESSES - Process building Presence Expanding
  • 6. POSITIVITY - Profits with collective Productivity Enjoying Financial Abundance
  • 7. PROSPERITY - Prosperity Consciousness Growing up and Give back


Price Rs. 500/- per participant, which includes snacks and beverages & 2:30 Hours training.

Register Now

For further details & enquiry contact Nagaraj Iyer: 9821161214 / Siri: 9811379590